About Us

At Zodhya, we make plug-in AI devices that reduce energy consumption, lower carbon footprint, and enhance energy consumption efficiency. So far, we have saved about 250,000 units of electricity, translating to 180,000 kg of CO2 emissions.

The Inception

Zodhya was founded by three graduates from IIT Madras, in the year of 2017. Technically, Zodhya was established in 2017, but the seeds were sown way back in 2015. Being part of one of the top technical institutions in the country, our young minds are always intrigued by the way technological advancements are shaping up around us. Then started the thought of “How can we develop such technologies to make our day-to-day lives better?” We realized Energy is critical for our modern society to function and understood the challenges that are around it. What started that day as a college project, is transformed into a world-class product today.

Made in India, For the World

Over the years, we developed a portfolio of three products - Saver, SaverX, and Soul addressing the supply and consumption aspects of energy. All these products are a combination of AI, ML, and supporting hardware. We take immense pride in the fact that every single component of our products is developed by our team of engineers from diverse regions in India, converging here in Hyderabad.
At Zodhya, we believe in the freedom to share ideas, experiment, and exchange opinions. This has not just helped us in creating innovative technology but also create a productive workspace.
Zodhya is being invited to showcase its products in the EU, East Asian, Middle East and American markets. During these exhibits, we received immense appreciation for the world-class quality of our products. We also garnered great response and willingness to use the products, making them truly global.

Future ahead

As we continue to work from India, we want to create a portfolio of products that would make our country stand out in the global markets. Our long-term goal is to develop technology that would address the issues in energy across the value chain - Generation, Distribution and Consumption. Going forward, we will make Zodhya leave a mark globally, as a technology start-up that hails from India and invariably caters to the world in the ever-increasing and changing energy and environment.