Burdened with high energy bills ?

  • 50-60% energy consumption in commercial spaces is from air conditioning.
  • Extended usage of 10-14hrs/day reduces the efficiency of ACs

Our Products

Energy Saver

  • 1. Patented AI-based device reduces 30% consumption of your ACs
  • 2. Hassle free installation in 30min. No meddling with existing infra.
  • 3. You start saving from day 1. No operational changes. No analytics required.

Real - Time Prediction

  • Manages electrical aspects of your space and helps you detect malfunctioned and inefficient hotspots.
  • Path To Savings

    Tell us about your space

    Average energy consumption, specifications of your ACs and operational hours.


    We’ll run a demo at your space and determine the % savings we could attain.


    Once you’re convinced, sign up to start using the product.

    Take a step towards savings. Contact us, now.

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    Asked Questions

    • Q.Does this hamper the warranty of the HVAC system?

      No, it doesn't hamper with any warranties because our device sits externally in series with the power supply and we don’t meddle with any of the internal circuits nor the existing infrastructure of the space.

    • Q.Does this switch on & off the AC? Is it like an automation device?

      No, this is not an automation device nor does it take control over the AC. The temperature and other settings are still in your hands and our device will only find the least energy consuming path to reach the set conditions.

    • Q.Is it like a capacitor/power factor correction/ voltage regulator?

      None of the above. Our hardware works on a sophisticated self-learning algorithm which understands the user behaviour and conditions to consume the least possible energy.

    • Q.How much does it cost?

      The pricing will be based on the percentage of savings achieved. A fraction of savings will be our fee every month. More details can be discussed after evaluating the feasibilities in person.